Software as a Service

Subscription per user access to web based software hosted in the cloud.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

We can help you build something exceptional with use of modern software architectural standards.

MVC Architecture with Laravel

You have a vision for how it should work. Your vision relies on the hope that your goals for a software end product can reliably be met in a reasonable time and within a reasonable budget. Your hope is challenged by a fear that your lack of knowledge in software may result in a failure.

MVC is an acronym for Model View Controller. Simply stated, the model is the database or data source, the view is the user interface and the controller is what connects the data to the user interface. Let’s simplify this even more. Tell us how it should look and how it should function and be amazed at how your vision rapidly becomes your success.

Laravel is the web artisan’s choice for rapidly developing elegant apps with beautifully written code.

Eclipse’s OpenUP for Agile Development

Sunny Tree Software uses the standards set in place by IBM and Eclipse Foundation’s OpenUP project. View the OpenUP documentation to learn more about the IBM/Eclipse Open Unified Process.

“The OpenUP is an iterative software development process that is minimal, complete, and extensible. OpenUP takes an agile approach to development valuing team collaboration and benefits to the stakeholders over unproductive deliverables and formality. The process provides this progressive approach to building systems within a proven, structured lifecycle.” Source:

Software Development Life Cycle

The SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is an engineering model for creating software. The original model was developed in 1956 and was known as the Waterfall model. The waterfall model was time consuming and incapable of easily adapting to any required modifications.

  • Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering
  • Software Design & Technical Specifications
  • Implementation & Computer Programming
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Maintenance & Updates

This model was not an appropriate solution as a result of many flaws in the model. Software development is typically not a step by step, sequential process. Most software projects requirements are not fully defined or understood without a great deal of collaboration between stakeholders analysts and developers. The waterfall is typically time consuming, with greater emphasis placed on the design and requirements specification without collaboration. The initial design may not completely match the goals envisioned by the stakeholders.

The modern approach to the software development life cycle is known as the Agile model.