BeLoud Remote Antenna Access

Beloud Remote Antenna Access

BeLoud Remote Antenna Access was created for The application was created to allow users to have direct access to Flex Radio – JK antennas housed at multiple remote stations located world-wide. The web application is one part of a vastly complex configuration of multiple systems.

The web application was developed by Sunny Tree Software using the Laravel Framework. The web application was designed using the model view controller software architectural pattern. Project management and software development life cycle focused on agile principles.

Development, deployment and system administration:

  • JetBrains PHPStorm IDE – Development of application

  • GitHub – Software versioning, code deployment, code validation, software releases

  • Travis CI – Build testing for staging server

  • Laravel Forge – Code deployment, server configuration & management.

  • Linode – Cloud hosting, managed servers


  • Stripe for payment processing

  • Mailgun for email compliance and simplicity

  • Digital Loggers Rest API for Web Power Switch management


  • laravel/cashier

  • laravel/tinker

  • mailgun/mailgun-php

  • stripe/stripe-php

  • laravelcollective/html


  • Flex Radio Transceiver/Amplifiers & Flex Radio SSDR for Windows

  • Digital Loggers Web Power Switch with cURL Rest API

  • Multiple Radio Antenna Stations, Locations World Wide