Volunteer Web Development

We are reinstating our volunteer web development services.

In 2006, we opened the doors to our company, under the name, Integrity Technology Specialists. In a very short period of time we found ourselves lost in the mix of corporate greed that plagues the software industry. As a small company, we needed an edge. As a new company, we needed a way to establish a foot hold in the industry. As a company with a small marketing budget, we could not compete with big business.

Sunny Tree Software Helps Children

“We always have been and always will be, a company based in integrity and professional ethics. It our basis in ethics that will enable us to overcome the corporate greed that exists within our competition.”

Let us be clear that volunteering web development services cost us. We lose money on every volunteer web development project we take on. We are of the belief in “paying it forward” and that by offering volunteer web development services, companies will consider us before they consider other companies. They will hire us before some swift talking salesperson convinces them they are the only choice.

Let us also be clear that no entrepreneur, company or organization will be able to “take advantage” of a “free handout”. We are offering our volunteer web development services based on the potential impact our help can have on improving humanity. Priority for our volunteer web development services is based on a combination of a) your organizations positive impact on humanity, b) the demand you place on us as a volunteer web developer and c) validation of financial difficulty.

Lets consider a couple of examples of volunteer web development requests we have received in the past.

  1. An aspiring entrepreneur demanded that we build them a custom web application in a few weeks at little or no cost to them.
  2. An established church that served a impoverished community, needed a website to show the community the deteriorating condition of their church with the hopes of raising money for building maintenance and updates. They were willing to accept any volunteer help we could offer.
  3. A non-profit organization was focused improving the lives of homeless street children in Iraq. They needed a complete website built upon a content management system.

Giving these examples, we would first focus on helping the church. We  would offer consultations and training that enabled them to get online with little or no effort, at little or no cost to them. Their demands and expectations were low. Our solution was simple, fast and effective.

As a result of spending less time with the church to develop an appropriate solution, we could then focus all of our efforts in helping a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the lives of homeless children. In a short period of time we were able to develop a WordPress website for them.

In our final example, we felt that the entrepreneur was at an unfair financial disadvantage. We decided to help. We decided the requirements for his web application enabling us to release a scaled down version of his software. In a short period of time, we released a custom built web application into production, on his behalf.

Do you need a volunteer web developer? We are that company! We can and will help, but limit our help contingent on your organizations impact on humanity combined with an established and validated financial need for volunteer web development services.

We reserve the right to cancel any volunteer web development project we are working on, for any reason. High demands and high expectations for what you may consider to be a “free handout” will result in us rejecting your requests. Please understand that by volunteering for you, we are losing money.