JumpStart, Inc Accepts Our Offer to Help Local Businesses Fight Covid-19.

“Only by working together, as a broad coalition, can we win.” ~ Nigel Farage

For any community to prosper, it is of the essence that individual members have a basis in ethics and morality that enables them to help others. A business community is no different. We approached Jump Start, Inc, offering to help any business that meets one or both of the following conditions.

  1. The business has been financially impacted by Covid-19
  2. The business is working on a solution to some aspect of Covid-19

JumpStart, Inc connected us with one of their companies, Camillus LLC. We are volunteering 100% for this company.

Covid-19 has and will continue to negatively impact business, nationwide, on many levels. At the highest level of devastation, businesses will watch as valued employees and their family members lose their lives. Devastation is also effecting businesses ability to be financially successful.

Does this make us some kind of Covid-19 hero? No, of course not. We are only doing what should be the ethical and moral choice of any business that can help other businesses. My hope is that more businesses will step up to the plate and prove their ethical worth in helping other businesses to recover from the damages of Covid-19.