Senseless Outsourcing Enthusiasm

Top 10 reasons why outsourcing web design, web development and software development is a really, really bad idea.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Outsource Web Development to India

10. Outsourcing to India Will Not Reduce Indian Poverty

With 179.6 million people living in poverty in India, outsourcing to India to save a few hundred dollars is not going to help the extreme poverty problem.

9. India Business Model: Steal from the Poor, the Rich Get Richer

Outsourcing to India will help to pad the wallets of the richest in India, as they only get richer.

8. 1.65 Million Out Of Work American Software Developers

Outsourcing to India accounts for a $99 billion a year India IT industry thanks to the good ole’ United States of America. An American software developer could work for $60,000 a year and typically can handle the work of an entire India software team. 99 billion divided by 60 thousand = 1.65 mill out of work software developers. God Bless the Republic of India!

7. India Software Developers Are Not Qualified

95% of all India software developers are not qualified! A qualified American based software developer can do the work of an entire India software team. The qualify of work will be much greater as well.

6. Proud to be American

Are you proud to be an American? You can take pride that your refusal to outsource software development to India is helping the American economy. You don’t need to hide your internal processes as who works for you and where.

5. Costs of Suing an India Based Company

Get ready to pay an international attorney up to $400 per hour to sue an India based company. You will likely be filing in an India court, and yes, you will likely be paying for your international attorney’s expenses. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions – yes it’s going to cost you.

4. Less then $100 to Sue An American Based Company

You don’t have to be an attorney to file a claim in small claims court. It will likely cost you less then $100. No international attorney expenses, no flights, no international laws of udder despair to worry about. Just drop a hundred bucks or less and off to court you go.

3. You Might Get Sued

It is common practice for web design companies with limited experience in software development to outsource web development work to companies like India. Web design companies typically do not share there internal outsourcing methods with companies that hire them. They have two views 1) The “website team members” view and 2) the internal outsourcing to India view. Outsourcing to India could result in a horrible product. This in turns reflects on the American based web design company.

2. You Might Get Hacked

Microsoft reports over 90% of India computers have pirated, illegal software. Illegal software practices in India is the standard and not the exception.

1. Say Goodbye to Your Money

Cost of the average data breach for American based companies is $7.91 million. This is not just big companies either, a small town parish in Brunswick, Ohio, lost 1.75 million.