Talented Web Developers

Are you looking to add a talented web developer to your team? Flat rate quote requests and mock-up RFP estimations will turn most talented web developers away.

How Much Does this Mock-up Cost to Make?

CEO Requires Quote for Photo Prior to Hire

“Look at this photo of a plane I drew. How much do you think it would cost to build?” Could you imagine the CEO of American Airlines going to an aerospace engineer and proposing this question. The engineer, unless desperate for work, would laugh and walk away.

Unfortunately, executives and business owners are not capable of seeing the complexity behind a custom built web application. It is understandable why someone would come to this conclusion as a result of website automation. Automated website build tools such as WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace and others make it easy to just jump in a plane and fly away. You don’t see the engineering involved in creating and maintaining the plane, you just know you are flying to your destination.

The problem may be more directly related to a persons career(or lack there of) in the software industry, and not directly related to there ability to understand complexities of engineering. Companies without experience will simplify what they believe is the best path to achieving there needs for website and custom application development.

Turn Talented Web Developers Away

If your desire is to hire the cheapest developer at the cheapest rate, your best suited to post an add on Craigslist and hope for the best. You will become inundated with the number of India based companies that call you day and night – many of which are not competent.

Flat rate quote questions will turn talented USA based developers away from you. Talented web developers know there true value and unless they are desperate for work, they will not even consider working for a company that proposes such a question.

How Much Does this Mock-up Cost to Make?

Let’s propose this question to different types of people who provide web development services. Answers will include the thought process that drove the response.

Web Designer: $750.00
Thoughts: We just used an HTML template to build a site that looked similar to that. I hope there is not a database.

Graphic Designer: $1,850
Thoughts: I can improve the images but need a web designer to install a template.

Business Analyst: We can do this!
Thoughts: I need to test the waters to understand how much I can make from this.

Marketer: $2,500
I will need to include some keywords and SEO to improve on this mockup. I hope a web designer can build this.

Junior Web Developer: What exactly are you trying to build?
I don’t have a good feeling about this. They should be telling me more.

Senior Web Developer: Goodbye!
I am so tired of incompetent people working in this industry. They clearly have no need for a high level developer or they do not value a high level developer enough to pay them.

Out of Work Senior Web Developer: (Sighs), How much are you willing to pay?
I am so tired of incompetent people working in this industry. I will take this project on as long as I can tolerate it or until I find a legitimate job.