Hello Junior !

Mid to senior level web developers know how to use SSH to connect to a remote server. If a web developer doesn’t know SSH, they are, at very best, a junior web developer trying to learn web development.

Junior Developer?

It never ceases to amaze me the number of incompetent people claiming to be legitimate web developers in the software industry. Companies so easily hire anyone under the sun that stakes the claim to be a legitimate web developer. They only need post the title on LinkedIn, or create a web page with a few key software buzzwords. Within a day they have magically transform into a competent mid to senior level web developer.

Then the day comes when they are asked to SSH to a server. They respond by offering FTP login credentials and ask what files need edited.

Lucky Number 4

I have seen this happen time and time again. The first things that run through my mind when I bare witness to these behaviors:

  1. Dishonest, they are criminally minded and trying to con people into paying them for things they are not capable of doing
  2. Delusional, they believe that giving themselves the title of “web developer” qualifies them as legitimate
  3. Honest at heart, they aspire to one day make it as a mid to senior level developer. They are incapable and will never make it past dreaming.
  4. Honest at heart, they aspire to one day make it as a mid to senior level developer. They are capable and with hard work and perseverance they will achieve there dreams one day.

Best case scenario is number 4, they are honest, capable and driven.

The SSH Test

Simple test to evaluate someones abilities. Ask them to make an SSH connection to your server. If they are not capable or not qualified – it simply won’t happen. If they are capable, it will happen and you can prove it. A simple review of your server logs should show a connection from their IP address to your server. If a review of your logs shows someone with an IP in Iraq connecting via SSH, your web developer might be a con artist outsourcing to Iraq. SSH is commonly used by mid to senior web level developers for DevOps, server administration, software maintenance, etc. That said, an SSH test will do nothing more then validate a web developer is, at the very least on there way to being a junior level developer.

Any junior level web developer can make an SSH connection. A mid to senior level web developer knows what to do once they are connected.

Question remains: Is your mid/senior level developer really a kitten in disguise?