WordPress Hacked Websites

There is a shared process with most hacked and malware infected WordPress websites. The website owner was irresponsible and/or the website designer was incompetent.

WordPress Irresponsibility Guarantees Malware

Yes, you heard me correctly. WordPress irresponsibility is guaranteed to cause your site to get hacked with malware or some other WordPress vulnerability.

Please heed my warning. If you are irresponsible in website management your WordPress website will be infected with malware and/or get hacked. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. This is a guarantee.

You have two simple choices.

  1. Learn how to manage your website.
  2. Pay someone to manage your website.

I caution you, please listen. Your WordPress website should be managed by someone who is educated, experienced and competent in computer science and software development.  You are still at great risk if you are working with someone who is not.

You might be curious as to how I am so confident in my belief that your WordPress website is guaranteed to be infected with malware and/or get hacked? I base my beliefs on statistics. My hopes are that this post will reduce the chances your site will give some criminal or criminal organization the ability to make money from your irresponsibility.

82,000 WordPress developers can use 1,819 WordPress security vulnerabilities to hack up to 214,000,000 WordPress web pages.

Current statistics, as of May 4, 2019

  • There are 1,819 security vulnerabilities in WordPress. Source: https://nvd.nist.gov
  • WordPress has 54,898 plugins. Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins
  • If an average of 1.5 developers work on each plugin, there is a total of 82,347 developers who can utilize 1,819 security vulnerabilities to gain control of your site for malicious purposes.
  • There are about 214,000,000 web pages that use WordPress. Source: Google search: inurl:wp-content
82 thousand WordPress developers
Can use 1,800 WordPress security vulnerabilities
To attack 214 million WordPress sites