Massive Number Calculator

Did you know that your browser can be used to calculate a Centillion number? This is not just big talk, this is the PHP code for a massively mammoth browser calculator.

Massively Mammoth Calculator in Your Browser

A 64 bit computer cannot handle a number larger then 263. A 32 bit computer cannot handle a number larger then 231. This is because computers are based off of binary and each bit can take one value. The CPU cannot process more then 64 bits at a time. A binary number with 64 1’s equals: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. That’s a total of 19 digits.

Notice that this browser has well over several hundred if not thousands of characters. Characters are handled differently then an integer. They are processed by the CPU with one character at a time.

So let’s take 50,000 digit number, input it as a string, break the string into an single character multi-dimensional arrays and then perform calculations, one member of the array at a time. With each calculation echo the value, and you now have a Massively Mammoth Browser Calculator.

PHP Code to this massively mammoth browser calculator is coming soon. If your inpatient, give it a try yourself. This is a problem that any legitimate software developer should be able to solve.