Outsourcing Risks

Being blissfully unaware of outsourcing will not prevent a catastrophic business implosion.

Outsourcing Might Close Your Doors

“Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally” – Soure: wikipedia.org

In Wikipedia’s definition, it states that outsourcing is hiring another company when the work could be done internally. There should be laws making it criminal for a company with no experience in software getting paid for any software project. It is highly probable that a company you are familiar with has paid an incompetent company. Would you pay a sales person to hire a dentist on your behalf? NO! You would end up paying the dentist and the salary of the sales person. Can you tell the difference between a sales person and a legitimate software company?

It is a common practice for a smooth talking software sales person to offer an exceptional software solution at an even more exceptional price. The question is – do you have any idea what your getting your company into?

This post is generated to point blank inform you of the risks of outsourcing. Here are some of the most prominent catastrophic failures I have seen with outsourcing:

  • Your site ends up hacked or infected with malware. Tracing the source finds that an internet service provider located in Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines or India was the point of attack.
  • Your initial quote of $500 ends up turning into over $10,000, with nothing that you were initially promised being achieved.
  • The sales person you were working with admits that they had been outsourcing to a developer he thought was in the Ukraine but found out that the Ukraine based company was outsourcing to Malaysia.
  • You try and recover your loses but find that international boundaries make lawsuits merely impossible.
  • A customer calls you to ask you why you are selling grotesque products on your website.
  • Doing a search in Google returns a message that your site has been hacked.
  • A hacker uses your website to gain internal company information and then is able to steal thousands, if not millions of dollars from you.

Saving a few dollars just to outsource simply is not worth it. If you cannot afford the costs associated with web development, try Wix.com, it looks horrible and has no rhyme, reason form or function – but its free.

Follows is a list of things to consider when hiring a company to build your website. I hope this helps in your decision in who you will hire.

  • Ask this question: Do you outsource? If they state no, follow up with: During development, if I check the logs, will there only be connections from your IP address?
  • Unless your site is just HTML, do not hire a Graphic Designer, Marketing Company, Web Designer, or other incompetent individual.
  • If you have no plans on learning WordPress, from inside out, do not pay someone to build a WordPress site for you.
  • If your site is going to have a database attached to it, you need to hire someone with an education in computer science.

Its better to spend more time researching now then kicking yourself in your homeless, bankrupt and clueless head later. I hate being harsh and blunt, but maybe this post will save you some trouble.