Questions to Ask

Do you know the right questions to ask with the correct answers? Hiring an incompetent company could very well cost you $17,000 with nothing to show.

$17,000 for Nothing

Sunny Tree Software is working with a company that paid $17,000 for website development with nothing to show in return. Prior to working with us, they searched for and hired a “web design” firm. That firm has no real experience in in custom application development. Sunny Tree Software is now building the application correctly for this company, for small nominal monthly payments.

Paying $17,000 to a Web Design or WordPress company for nothing? This happens all the time in the web development industry.

Web Development Questions To Ask

Here are some questions to ask with the correct answers and examples of common incorrect, “sales redirects”. Incorrect answers are used to avoid the question without leading you to believe they are not qualified. Ask these questions directly while on the phone or in person, so that they will not have the opportunity to Google your questions.

Q. What degree do you have?  
Correct. B.S in Computer Science – If they answer with this, ask them to share their transcript.
Incorrect. “I have been coding for years.” “We have a highly qualified team.” “I went to a boot camp.” “My degree is in (marketing, business administration, art, UX design, information technology).”

Q. What is Github?
Correct: Github is a collection of code repositories. The repositories are used for software versioning, collaboration, code management, integrations and migrations.
Incorrect: “I will have my developer get back to you on this.” “We use that”.  Speechless, they give you a blank stair. Will not directly answer the question.

Q. Are you good at math?
Correct: Yes.
Incorrect: “Math has nothing to do with code.”  “I did math in elementary school.” “Are we building a banking application?” “I am good at (marketing, art, writing, business).”

Q. What’s the highest level of math you achieved in school?
Correct: Calculus, Advanced Algebra, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Statistics, Trigonometry or Physics.
Incorrect: Any sarcastic statement used to make you feel like your question was stupid. “What does math have to do with your application?”

Your application will probably not need for incorporation of physics, trigonometry, calculus, algebra or other high level math. This question is directed at the individual’s ability to solve highly complex analytical technical problems. An individual who is either a) intelligent without an analytical brain, or 2) lacks intelligence, will not have the ability to do high level math.

Curve Ball Web Development Questions

These questions are directed at an individual exposing their experience levels without knowing it.

Q. What do you think about HTML? 
Correct: “Its in the browser/client”. “HTML is not relevant to high level languages.” “Before man landed on the moon he was a Neanderthal and grunted. Before a software developer wrote code he looked at HTML.”
Incorrect: They show you a photo of themselves wearing an HTML5 shirt. They excitedly talk to you about all the HTML work they have done. They start a discussion about HTML.

Q. Can WordPress do everything?
Correct: “No! Its good for simple websites or blogging.”
Incorrect: “Yes! If wordpress can’t do it a plugin can. There is no problem that can’t be solved with WordPress”.

If you need a simple website that you can update, WordPress works well. This very question could be saving companies millions of dollars a year. Most people and web design firms are unaware that WordPress is limited in what it can do. A company or individual becomes a “WordPress Developer” because they can click buttons. The lack of understanding in WordPress’ limitations has the potential to put your company out of business.

An educated and experience web developer could utilize WordPress to accomplish a lot more. High level developers know when to use a framework to build a custom application and when not to use WordPress. An uneducated self-proclaimed WordPress developer can put your company out of business. Self-proclaimed web developers and web designers believe that everything can be done with WordPress.