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Based in Akron/Cleveland, Ohio we offer computer science based web development services for companies world wide.

Technical Focus: PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, GIS, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, MySQL, Full Stack/LAMP

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Welcome to Sunny Tree Software

Family Owned

family owned business

Educated & Experienced

Earning an Honest Living

The bond of  a family can do the impossible. This is proven by our continued success as a family owned software company.

Our education and experience is in computer science and math. Yes, you can relax as you are working with the best.

Being raised to be honest and work hard builds a strong base in morality. As a result our rates are competitive.

Family Owned Web Development Software Company

We are not your typical web development software company. Sunny Tree Software is a family owned business focused on meeting your website development needs. Special considerations are given to people and businesses in need, so if there is some way we can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our work ethics is work hard to make an honest living, resulting in reduced costs for your website needs.  Budget constraints are not a problem and we have done extensive volunteer work in the past. Integrity and value, that’s what we bring in both business ethics and technical achievement.

What We Do
Software Engineering – Web Applications

Companies often search for “web designers” when they need help with a website. In regards to the software industry, the term “web designer” is never used when referencing someones qualifications. Graphic Designer, Front End Developer, Back End Developer, Full Stack Developer, Web Developer, PHP Programmer, JavaScript Programmer, Software Engineer, Database Admin – these are commonly used terms by professionals in the software industry.

Use of the term ‘web designer’ has no actual value when related to a legitimate web development firm or your business needs on the web. “Web design” is one of the most over used and misunderstood words in the software industry. It is commonly used when what a small business really needs is a web developer, a web development firm or a software company. Companies that offer “web design” monetize this phrase by providing “web design services’ to people searching for web designers on the web. These same “web design” companies do not employ web developers with legitimate experience in software or web development. Long term results of this varies, with extremes being a hacked website and closure of your business.

Current standards for software & web development might lean towards associating a web designer as being one of the following: graphic designer, front end developer, CSS designer, among many other terms. Note that in each one of these associations, the listing is a commonly a legitimate job. Doing a search for “web design job” on the web will return results related to software development careers.

Hiring a web designer to develop your website is similar to hiring a “guy in the clouds” to fly a plane. The phrase “web design” has no legitimate place in the software industry.

How We Do It
Web Application Development on the LAMP Stack

Yes, we could insert confusing buzzwords here. Our work speaks for itself, just check out our Github, Packagist or TravisCI.

Sunny Tree Software is a software company that develops websites, builds custom web applications, and designs/develops SaaS products.

We are exceptional at what we do and are able to manage projects that takes other software and web development companies much larger teams  combined with much, much larger costs. If you want it done right at a reasonable cost – we are your company.