Project Description

Buckeye Tax & Financial Services, Inc reached out to us to update there logo as the previous graphic designer was not responsive to there request to make a minor change. They did not have access to the original Adobe Illustrator file that the logo was created in. They also did not have access to a WordPress login.

WordPress Lockout
We logged into there hosting and accessed the MySql database attached to there WordPress website via PHPMyAdmin. From within the users table, we set the new password and then selected MD5 before updating the record. We were then able to login with the user name and updated password.

Logo Change
We took an existing, low quality, .jpg image of there logo and made an exact copy with some enhancements from within Adobe Illustrator. We also turned over the original Adobe Illustrator file with instructions that this file would be necessary if future changes were needed, or if the logo would be used within other graphic design elements.