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Licensing Partnerships

Reduce development and maintenance costs by partnering with us in licensing your software.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the benefits to a licensing partnership?
A. The key benefit is that it reduces costs for company who might not otherwise be able to afford the costs of software development.

Other benefits include:

  • Sunny Tree Software shares the financial risk in your investment
  • Potential for continued reduction in development costs if your software becomes profitable
  • Sunny Tree Software becomes invested in your software’s success.
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Q. Will you be partnering and/or merging with my company?
A. No. A licensing partnership only effects the copyright and licensing of the software we are developing.

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Q. Do you offer free software development in exchange for a partnership?
A. No, absolutely not. A licensing partnership will only reduce the costs associated with developing your software.

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Q. Is the licensing partnership open to anyone that applies to become a licensing partner with Sunny Tree Software?
A. No. Anyone is free to apply for a licensing partnership, but we do not accept all applications.

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Q. How much will my company save as a direct result of this licensing partnership?
A. Development costs will be reduced as much as 50% over our normal rate.

Our normal rate for software development is well below the local and national average. We recently requested quotes from different companies to get a better understanding of how our rates compare to other companies.

  • A professional staffing agency was $30,000 more then our costs.
  • An American based software development company was $50,000 more then our costs
  • An American based freelance software developer charged a rate over $325/hr
  • An India based software development company was over $100,000 more then our costs
  • An India based freelance software developer charged less, but she was not qualified to develop software
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Q. What types of licensing partnerships do you offer?
A. We currently offer three types of licensing partnerships.

  1. Singular
    Sunny Tree Software retains full copyright ownership of the software and allows you one non-commercial license to access and use the software. This license offers the greatest reduction in costs but limit’s you to only one use. This license is appropriate for companies who only need to use the application internally within their organization and have no need or desire to license out copies to other organizations.
  2. Re-seller
    Your company retains full copyright ownership of the software but gives Sunny Tree Software unlimited rights to your sale, modify and redistribute your software. You will also receive a portion of money earned from each license that is resold by Sunny Tree Software. This license is appropriate for companies who want to increase their earning potential by allowing us to resale your software.
  3. Subscription
    Your company retains full copyright ownership of the software and limits Sunny Tree Software’s usage rights to only one, non-commercial usage of the software. In exchange for reduced costs, you agree to pay Sunny Tree Software a percentage or fixed rate for each license that is sold.  This license is appropriate for companies who need to reduce upfront costs and desire to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with Sunny Tree Software.